EAG Tuning

Engine Re-mapping

We specialise in engine remapping. Every remap optimises performance and power delivery, giving improved acceleration with up to 30% more torque and power but, more importantly, can improve fuel econemy. Most models are covered and can be re-mapped within 2-3 hours. Please call for power figures and prices.


Reward Yourself

Our remaps optimse the performance of your car, helping to maximise your driving pleasure. There are so many limits on driving these days. Even your car's intended performance is restricted because car manufacturers have to allow for drivers who do not adhere to service schedules and who use sub standard fuels.


Enjoy a more fulfilling journey

Your car will feel sharper. It will react more quickly and more precisely to your demands and you could be saving fuel too. Having enjoyed more than half a million re-mapped engines our customers can testify to a more exciting and fulfilling drive and once your fist behicle has been re-mapped, we think you'll come back for more. Not only do most of our customers return when they change their car, many often call us for advice on what to buy in order to gain maximum results.


Improved fuel efficiency

In todays market with soaring fuel prices, our remap means improved fuel econemy as well as improved performance - saving you money in the long run.

So if you want the best from your car, call us and we will free your engine from those restrictive limits, giving you a more rewarding, more exciting drive.


Every remap optimisation delivers:

• An engine that responds more eagerly to your right foot

• Smoother power delivery making town driving much easier with fewer gear changes

• Improved acceleration for safer overtaking

For non-turbo petrol cars

• Up to 10% more power

• Enhanced throttle response

For turbo charged petrol cars

• Up to 20% more power

• Up to 25% more midrange torque

We carefully match increases in turbo boost pressure with the re-mapped ignition timing and fuelling. It doesn't affect reliability or the life of the engine. We know - we have more than 27 years experience of enhancing the performance of turbo charged engine.

For diesel turbo cars

• Up to 30% more power and more torque

• Fuel econemy improvements

Here, too, we deliver a smoother, enhanced drive by ensuring our remap matches the fuelling to increase the boost pressure.


For more information you can visit https://www.quantumtuning.co.uk/